Welcome to Synergy Natural Medicine Clinic, a medical clinic devoted to helping patients achieve and maintain optimal health through a more preventative and natural approach to medicine.  We offer a broad array of unique medical services, therapies and programs centered around Naturopathic Medicine - a safer, more preventive approach to medicine. 

As a general practice, our Doctors are well equipped to handle most of your healthcare needs, including working with other physicians you may be seeing, and integrating various forms of alternative and integrative medicine into your care.  We provide the type of integrated care that only Naturopathic Doctors can provide -- with a strong focus on supporting your body’s own natural healing processes.

At Synergy, we provide a very personalized, holistic approach to medicine.  We invest substantial time in getting to know you so that your treatment plan meets your individual goals and needs.  And we work with you every step of the way.

  • A more natural approach to improving your and your family’s health

  • Real answers to a chronic health problems that most doctors are unaware of

  • Ways to reduce your need to take prescription drugs and minimize side effects

  • Safer alternatives to prescription drugs or surgery, prescribed by a Doctor

To learn more about our Clinic, the benefits of Naturopathic Medicine, and how we can enrich your life, take some time and explore our website.  To schedule an appointment, or if we can answer any questions, call us at (626)303-3300.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment but want more information on our approach to your specific health issue, please call us to schedule a free 10 minute phone call with one of our Doctors or email us at info@synergymedclinic.com


Did You Know?

There are natural alternatives to the flu shot available.


Statin (Cholesterol lowering) drugs can cause significant side effects.


Many people have undiagnosed  Vitamin B12 deficiencies.


Not all vitamins are created equal.


There are natural blood thinners right in your kitchen.

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